Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay based on

the picture below. You should start your essay with a brief description of the picture

and then give your comments. Write your essay on Answer Sheet 1. You should write

at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.


Grabbing red envelopes has been hogging the limelight in our daily life since

the 2016 Spring Festival. At no point is it clearer that this activity has endowed

our vapid life with the flavor of high-tech and fun, especially giving traditions

typical of festive periods, such as the Chinese New Year and Chinese Valentine’

s Day, a facelift.

However, some people may be trapped in a situation where they put the cart before

the horse. Disappointedly, what some people do on festivals is not to communicate

with their relatives and friends but to hold their cell phones and fix their eyes

on the screen all day long, just in order to grab red envelops. For my part, what

really matters is the relationship instead of the money. Essentially speaking,

gifting red envelopes is beyond reproach. Only in a rational way shall we not be

reduced to slaves of materialism or hijacked by the high technology.

Festivals offer precious opportunities for us to send good wishes to our beloved

ones and what we should do is to cherish these chances rather than to ignore the

essential connotation of the festivals. Anyhow, kinship, friendship and other

relationships are above anything and we ought to make every endeavor lest the

profound cultural atmosphere of traditional festivals should decline.


从 2016 年的春节起,抢红包在我们的日常生活中变得越来越流行。俨然,抢红包这种












Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay

entitled Post-holiday Syndrome Among Students. You should write at least 150 words

following the outline given below.

1. 很多学生在开学伊始都会出现假期综合症

2. 出现这一现象的原因

3. 我的建议


Post-holiday Syndrome Among Students

With the gloomy prospect of returning to school, many students could suffer from

post-holiday syndrome, which refers to a general feeling of depression before

returning to campus life, which is caused by irregular lifestyles during the holiday.

Symptoms include fatigue, lack of appetite and concentration, irritability and a

feeling of helplessness.

Various reasons can account for it. But most important of all, a large number

of students tend to overindulge themselves in eating, merrymaking and playing around

during the holidays, which makes it difficult to adjust to their routine study

schedule and life pace on the campus.

My suggestions to deal with this syndrome are as follows. First, exercising and

sticking to a normal schedule over the holidays will make a difference and nip

post-holiday syndrome in the bud. Besides, it pays to return a few days earlier before

the semester starts. The early return seems to have kept the holiday blues at bay.



Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter in reply

to a friend’s inquiry about Plan after graduation. You should write at least 120

words according to the outline given below in Chinese:




Dear Shitou,

So great to receive your letter on May 1st, in which you inquired about my plan

after graduation. Now, I am writing to illustrate it and my accounts.

As is known to all, so many graduates are eager to set feet on their work-life

roads. According to a survey by National Department of Education, more than six

million college students will leave the so called “Ivory Tower” this year. It is

clear that the competition of job-hunting will be extremely furious. On the contrary,

it seems advisable for me to further my study and get a master’s degree. What makes

me convinced is that a higher degree and better educational background will,

undoubtedly, enable me to make full preparation for entering the society. Besides,

if possible, I will get involved in social and practical activities in my spare time.

Taking all aspects into account, I choose to study as a postgraduate. Many thanks

for your concern. Best wishes!

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming


Directions:For this part you are allowed 30minutes to write a composition on

the topicInternet. You should write at least 120 words andbase your composition on

the outline below:



In recent years, people are developing aninseparable relationship with Internet.

As is known toall, it is convenient for us to click the mouse whensurfing on line,

either to entertain ourselves or to meet the work’s needs.

On the one hand, no one denies that Internet is currently one of the most useful

media inour daily life. As a college student, I get on line every day to exchange

information through e-mails with my net friends. But on the other hand, a good many


people admit that they are toomuch addicted to Internet to maintain a regular and

wholesome lifestyle.

Thus, it is necessary for us to use Internet in a reasonable way and restrain

fromoverindulgence. After all,Internet is invented to enrich our life, and to

improve the efficiencyof our work rather than shackle us with a chain.





Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30minutes to write a short essay on

the topicStudying Abroad. You should write at least 120words following the outline

given below:





Nowadays, going abroad for studies is enjoying astriking popularity among

adolescents. Importanceshould be attached to studying abroad.

There are a great many advantages of studying overseas. First and foremost,

living andstudying abroad offers students a different perspective of the world. On

a university campus,international students are likely to encounter their

counterparts from various countries andareas and are exposed to diverse ideas and

values. What is more, overseas experience is thebest opportunity for the real-life

use of foreign languages. There is no better opportunity toimprove second-language

skills than living in the country in which it is spoken.

Generally peaking, it is my view that although going abroad is expensive and

perhapspainful, the payoff is worthwhile. In the first place, in addition to

knowledge, overseasstudents can gain precious experiences that those who stay at

home will never have.Furthermore, overseas experience, frustrating and painful as

it may be, is conducive to thegrowth of adolescents.





Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30minutes to write a composition on

the topicAttending TV PK Shows Does(or Does no) good toYoung People. You should write

at least 120 words,and base your composition on the outline below:





Attending TV PK Shows Does No Good toYoung People

Nowadays, TV PK shows are great hits in China and have attracted a large number

ofadolescents. Some youngsters even give up their studies to attend these shows in

the hope ofwinning their fame overnight. Some people argue that these shows provide

young people morechance to show talents, while others assume that attending these

shows does no good to thejuvenile. As for me, I prefer to the latter opinion.

It should be admitted that some young people like Li Yuchun has stood out from

thenumerous attendants in the PK show, but that doesn’t mean attending the PK shows

is agood way to become successful for teenagers. The following reasons can support

my view. Firstand foremost, TV PK shows breed restlessness and induce young people

to hunt after fameat whatever cost. Furthermore, TV PK shows can subvert the

youngsters’ values. They clingto the idea that attending the PK shows is a shortcut

to success, so they may despise the wayof achieving success by hard work. Finally,

if the young fail in these shows, they will suffer apsychological unbalance.

In a word, entering for TV PK shows is not a good way for young people to

achievesuccess. I hold the opinion that young people should think twice before

deciding to attend PKshows.





Directions:For this part you are allowed 30minutes to write a composition on the

topic Jobsfor Graduates. You should write at least 120 wordsand base your composition

on the outline below:大学生难找工作,原因很多,解决的办法。


Job hunting has always been a headache forcollege students. Though many

graduates areemployed right after graduation, some are not. Mostserious of all, some

still have no idea where to go working even a long time after graduation.

The reasons for this phenomenon are various. On the one hand, a few years ago

collegesand universities enrolled so many students in popular majors, such as

economy, finance andso on that the number of graduates was greater than the need

in the market. On the otherhand, most graduates would rather stay in large cities

without suitable job to do than go tothe country.

I reckon this problem can be solved if both colleges and students take measures.

First, theyshould research the market and develop special skills to suit its need.

Second, students’attitude towards employment should be changed. They should go to

small cities and country.There they can also give full play to their professional

knowledge. In a word, if we pay muchattention, the situation can be improved.





Directions:Study the following picture carefully and write an essay in which you


1) describe the picture,2) interpret its meaning, and

3) support your view with examples.

参考范文 1:

One glance at a pyramid can leave the viewer in awe of its beauty and splend

or. Upon closer examination, however, one might be surprised to discover that such

a grandiose structure is composed entirely of ordinary stones.

Most people are familiar with the proverb: Rome was not built in a day. An object

as grand as a pyramid is likewise not so quickly or easily constructed. Just as the

greatness of the city of Rome is due to the combination of its smaller parts, a pyramid

is only as strong as the stones it is comprised of. The image of a pyramid reminds

us that great success is in fact an accumulation of small achievements.

History proves that many famous artists and scientists are only successful

because of their continued efforts, even after numerous failures. One might recall

Leonardo Dancing’s drawing of an egg, Wang Xi Zhi practicing handwriting, or Thomas

Edison inventing the light bulb, for example. The fable that tells us that even water

can eventually pierce through stone also points to the importance of patience and

diligence. We should take such stories and histories into account and remember the

importance of fundamentals; remember that one can build a pyramid only if one is

willing to work with small stones. People would be wise to abandon rash inclinations

and instead try in earnest. Perseverance is sure to lead to success.














参考范文 2:

We can see in the picture, a great Egyptian Pyramid towering magnificently into

the sky. At first sight visitors may be overwhelmed by the pyramid and cannot help

but marvel at the huge stones in front of them — the embodiment of patience and

endurance of an Ancient Egyptian Civilization. During this extended period of

building, one can only imagine the amount of patience and endurance that was required

by the people before any of this greatness was to be achieved.

The stones of the pyramid remind us of a famous saying: “Rome was not built

in a day,” that is, great things are never done without much time and labor.

As human beings, we are eager to win merits for ourselves. It is, however, only

patience as well as endurance that can help us to succeed in performing great deeds.

In the case of Si Marian, without those brilliant qualities mentioned above, he could

never attain such great achievements. Difficulties are unavoidable, unless we do

not engage in anything at all. In the end, it is patience and endurance that counts.

Some people would give up halfway in the face of what seems to be insurmountable.

Men of such a type can hardly expect to succeed. We must take a step by step approach

to accomplish everything until we get the final result. The reason is very simple:

if one attempts to climb a mountain, however high he reaches, he has failed if he

does not reach the top.
















Everyone has his ideals. A businessman wishes to make greater profit; a farmer

expects plumper harvests; a student tries to learn more and better. And

However, one should be sensible about whether his ideal is well founded or not.

If it is, one has to plan and work hard for its realization. Effort, skill and

persistence are all necessary. And very often, one has to get help from others,

including advice and support in one form or another.

My ideal is to become a doctor. It is said that the field of medicine is a

well-paid profession, but I take it as a lofty profession entrusted with saving

people’s lives. To realize my ideal I have concentrated on laboratory work to develop

the analytical skills necessary to become a qualified doctor. Ijm

sure^willjiealizejm^jidealjifrperseverejinjthisjpursuit. (156 words)



得更多、更好。每个人都为实现理想多多少少付 出了努力。

然而,人们应该想想自己的理想是否建立在扎实的基础上。如果是, 那么人们就必须

为实现理想而做出计划、辛勤工作。努力、技巧和恒心 都是必备要素。人们还常常需要从

别人身上获得帮助,包括各种形式的 建议和支持。

我的理想是成为一名医生。医师是一个薪水不错的职业,而我则视 之为一个治病救人

的高尚职业。为了实现我的理想,我必须集中精力于 实验室的工作,从而培养作为一名合

格医师所必备的分析技巧。若能持 之以恒,我相信我能实现自己的理想。


strive v.努力,奋斗

with more or less effort 用或多或少的努力

realize v. 实现

be sensible about.意识到

persistence n.坚持

it is said that.据说

well-paid adj.收入高的,待遇优厚的

lofty adj.高尚的

entrust with…委托给某人

concentrate on. 集中注意力于

analytical adj.分析的

qualified adj.合格的

persevere in 坚持

pursuit n.追求;职业



Complaint About Noise

June 18, 2010

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am your neighbor living downstairs in the same building. lamjwriting you to

complain of the noise you make during the night.

Recently the noise during the night disturbed my rest. Almost every night, there

comes some noise from your apartment just as I go to bed and am on my way to a dream.

I wonder what the noise is. Are you repairing your furniture? Are you doing physical

exercises? Whatever you do at that time of the night, you have to take your neighbors’

rest into consideration. In a word, you are disturbing both your other neighbors

and me.

I heard you are always a friendly and considerate neighbor. Please stojp making

noise at night. Thank you. Take care.

Yours friendly neighbor

(133 words)



我是住在您同一栋楼楼下的邻居。我写信来是因为您在夜间发出的 噪音。

最近,您夜里发出的噪音打扰了我的休息。几乎每个晚上,当我刚 刚躺上床或正要入

睡时,您的公寓总会传来一些噪音。我真怀疑这声音 是怎么来的。您是在修理家具吗?还是

在锻炼身体?但不管您在夜里的 那个时间做什么,您必须考虑到邻里们的休息。总之,您打

扰了我和其 他的邻居。 我听说您是一位十分友好、善解人意的邻居。请不要在夜间制造噪



2010 年 6 月 18 日


I am writing you to complain of … take … into consideration 将

我写信投诉…… 考虑进去

disturb v.打扰 in a word 总之

on my way to a dream 即将入睡 considerate adj.考虑周到的

take care 请注意


Directions:Study the following picture carefullyand write an essay in which you


1) describe the picture,

2) interpret its meaning, and

3) make a comment on the phenomena.


As autumn winds blow, leaves fall. Havingseparated from a tree, leaves decompose

into theearth and eventually return to a tree’s originalroots. Hence the saying:

“fallen leaves are destinedto return to the root.”

The picture above depicts the motion of leaves towards the root, which in turn

can beinterpreted as the intense bond Chinese feel towards their motherland.

More and more overseas Chinese are returning or have already returned to China.

Despitethe length of time they have spent abroad, or regardless of the life they

may have lead, theyare often disposed to return to their roots, to come home. It

is commonly said that blood isthicker than water. Because they are grateful for their

homeland’s nourishment and support,they return to contribute to the construction

of their country with the knowledge, experienceand wealth acquired abroad. This

inclination is an expression of people’s attachment to, andlove of, their homeland.

Patriotism is a prevailing emotion among the overseas Chinese. TheChinese still

living in China should also cherish and love their country, and give back with

theirknowledge and actions in order to cultivate the country’s present and future.


Directions:Study the following cartoon carefullyand write an essay in which you


1) describe the cartoon,

2) interpret its meaning, and

3) point out its implications in our life.


In the black and white drawing above, a youth gravely contemplates a narrow

winding pathheading into a forest. Perhaps he thinks that his own future may be much

like this path; full ofbends and curves, thorns and traps. The road to success is

never anything but uneven anddifficult.

In fact, one could even say that the more successful one’s life is, the more

problems andhardships one must have overcome. The ability to work through difficult

situations andunfortunate events only makes one stronger and more capable. Given

that the road tohappiness always contains obstacles and setbacks, we should be well

prepared for thehardships that life inevitably brings, and abandon the idea that

life is smooth or easy. Wemust accept the fact that failures are unavoidable, whether

they are failures in examinations,in finding a job, or carrying out a task. People

who accept that their life will not always be simpleor calm are better able to handle

problems when they arise. Those who are upset by each andevery small setback — and

there are many people with such attitudes— do not have muchpotential. Failure is

mother to success as it can strengthen one’s will. Those who can drawlessons from

failure are destined for success.


Directions:Study the following set of cartoons carefully and write an essay in

which you should

1)describe the cartoons,

2) state its main idea, and give your comment.


These two cartoons show two contrasting scenes. While the male student spends

all histime and money playing Internet games, the female student studies diligently.

One could easilyargue that a bright future awaits the students who study hard, while

those who waste tuitionplaying games have little to look forward to. The above images

encourage students to valuetheir time in school and take advantage of educational


While students dream of being accepted into college for years, they often become

lost onceadmitted. Without their parents’ constant support and advice, or because

of limitedcommunication with teachers, many students are unable to focus on their

future goals. Suchconfusion leads some to forget their studies and resort to playing

on the Internet, amongother forms of recreation.

Students should not only keep their ambitions in mind, but also seriously strive

towardsthem.Without a clear purpose, one might easily waste crucial years neglecting

one’s studies.

Constantly playing on the Internet leads to failure, while continuously studying

guaranteessuccess. Students need to appreciate their time in school, and work hard

in order to ensure agood future.





Directions:Study the following drawing carefully and write an essay in which

you should

1) describe the drawing,

2) interpret its meaning, and

3) point out its implications in our life.

You should write about 160—200 words neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2. (20 points)


Drawings can be useful tools; a simple picture may reveal a profound truth.

Theillustration above, for example, is far from complicated, and yet carries deep

implications;from the top of a mountain one can see clear and far.

Such an image draws attention to the fact that people tend to be distracted by

immediatebenefits, or deterred by present difficulties. If one was to stand higher

and take a broader view,one could make wise, long?term decisions, as well as have

a clearer sense of how to solve anygiven problem.

The importance of keeping things in perspective is of practical significance

to universitystudents especially. When students face difficult decisions such as

choosing between majors orcareers, or deciding whether to continue with postgraduate

education, they should considertheir future life in broad terms. If you allow

yourself to become preoccupied by immediateinterests or discouraged by current

obstacles, you might not make the wisest decisions.

Nevertheless, it is important to realize that viewing our lives from a far is

not equal toaiming for an unattainable goal. Inexperienced youth must be careful

to realistically create andpursue their ambitions.

It is best to look beyond temporary needs and problems and keep one’s present

andfuture life in perspective.


Directions:Study the following picture carefully and write anessay in which you


1) describe the picture,

2) interpret its meaning, and

3) point out its implications in our life.


This simple picture represents a situation that every person must face: when

approaching ajunction, which direction should one choose?

Most viewers can empathize with the sense of hesitation and uncertainty embodied

insuch an image. Without exception, everyone has to make choices in life, whether

they concernschool, career, or love. While some choices are simple, one cannot avoid

the task of makingdifficult decisions.

Choices are often directly related to one’s happiness. University students,for

example, facea hard and crucial decision upon graduating. Many students have

difficulty deciding whether tocontinue studying or begin developing a career. Every

individual is different, and one must takethe factors of one’s personal life into

consideration. In addition to an awareness of specificcircumstances, however,

making the right choice also depends on correct appraisal of oneself.

In order to choose correctly, therefore, one must be both realistic and self

aware.Furthermore, once having made a decision, one should seriously accept and

pursue the pathone has chosen, and strive towards the realization of one’s goal with



Directions:Understanding is a drop of golden sun, is wellspring of life, and

is a bridge between manand the soul of man. Understanding is tolerance, is a kind

of self?restraint. The world needs understanding.

Write an essay which should cover:

1) describing the drawing below,

2) stating its main idea, and

3) giving your comment


The human being differs from the wild beast in that the latter is liable to have

a hostileview of others and interact in an unreasonable and aggressive manner.

Primitive humansmight have acted in such fashion, but civilized humans should

cultivate more appropriatebehaviors.

In the drawing above, a man carrying a large load accidentally steps on a woman’s

foot.Given that he gracefully apologizes, the woman both accepts his apology and

assures him notto worry.

The man and woman depicted interact with each other in a courteous and

compassionatemanner. The woman understands the man did not intentionally step on

her foot, andtherefore whether or not she is in pain, she does not attack or blame

him. Because she is ableto view the situation from his perspective, conflict is

diverted. Mutual understanding such asthis is a fundamental aspect of civilized


Some people tend to think the worst of others and become angry over even the

smallest ofmatters, regardless of how their own actions are disturbing in turn. Such

intolerance onlyleads to more conflict. Disrespecting or mistreating people not only

inflicts pain upon others,but can also harm one’s own conscience and attitude.

Having compassion for others is an important facet of social intercourse. Once

one strivesto understand the experience and perspective of another, one can avoid

much trouble andconflict, thus making life more peaceful and just for all.


对于网络谣言,我们都不陌生,不是这时来个“啥啥啥不能吃”,那时来个,“XXX 街道

有人 sha 人,还带了刀具…..Balabalaba…..” 虽然有时是善意的,提个醒。但有时

却是恶作剧,弄得人心惶惶,就像狼来了….. 这时需要我们用心去辨别,查出真相,不


以下这篇 英语四级作文范文:网络谣言。来来来,童鞋们,一起来参考下范文是怎么



Directions:For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay by

commenting on the remark “It is unbelievable for people to believe what they should

not believe: Internet rumors.” You can cite some examples to illustrate your point.

You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

参考范文:Internet rumors

Given is a simple but thought-provoking remark: “it is unbelievable for people

to believe what they should not believe: Internet rumors.” Obviously, this saying

can be naturally associated with the seriousness of rumors: if we intend to have

a positive Internet environment, it is advisable to eliminate/refuse rumors.

In contemporary society, it has become a trend for individuals to surf the

Internet for the information they need. Meanwhile, an increasing number of people

find it rather difficult to distinguish the true news from rumors. Searching the

Internet, we can notice a great many examples like this: false news, ads and

pictures.Then, it is these rumors that lead the public to be cheated, confused and

even panic. As a matter of fact, experts in large numbers have come to realize the

importance of Internet honesty.

As a regular Internet surfer, I am convinced that it is of great necessity for

government to punish rumor makers. Accordingly, we should educate, advocate and

encourage our friends, classmates and acquaintances to refuse making and spreading

rumors. Sparing no efforts to do so, we will witness a hopeful and promising future

of Internet life.



Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay

on the topic Children’s participation in reality shows. You should write at least

120 words but no more than 180 words.

参考范文:Children’s participation in reality shows

Nowadays, it has become a trend for children to participate in reality shows.

However, is it really good for them?

There are two sides for each coin. On one hand, participating in reality shows

is good for children. First, it can make children more courageous and more confident.

Second, some shows such as outdoor shows can make children more independent. For

example, in some shows, children are required to accomplish some tasks without their

parents accompanying them. That is a good way to train the children.

On the other hand, children’s participation in reality shows may cause some

disadvantages to them. For instance, children may become vainglorious if they win

some fame from the shows. They may tend to pay more attention to undeserved reputation

instead of studying hard. They may overlook the importance of working hard.

As a result, you really need to think carefully before you take your children

to reality shows. I personally feel that these shows make the children grow up too

fast. Why not just let them be children?




Youngsters’ Worship

1. 大学生现在过分崇拜大明星

2. 分析产生这一现象的原因

3. 我的看法


Nowadays, star-worshiping is popular among teenagers, especially many

university students.

Why? When it comes to the symptoms of worshiping a star, the main factor I’

d like to mention is imitation. With a blind love for their idols, teenagers firmly

believe that their choices are the best. As a result, the stars’ clothes, hairstyles

and hobbies, as well as their behaviors in public, are closely observed or followed,

though, to some extent, they may be considered improper or even ridiculous.

In my opinion, having idols is not a bad thing. However, we should make it clear

who are the real “heroes”. As far as I am concerned, the real heroes are those

who are making the most contributions to our society, such as teachers, doctors and

scientists. As students, we should learn from them. Only in this way can we become

useful persons in the future.



1. 目前大学毕业生的择业情况

2. 男、女学生就业选择的区别



What Jobs Do College Graduates Want to Take?

It goes without saying that college students have a clear idea about their future

occupation. Boys are to some extent different from girls in their choices as is seen

from the table.

According to the table, the most striking contrast is in the occupation of

teaching: 45% of girl students would like to become teachers after graduation whereas

only 5% of boys would. What boys like to do most is to become managers (40%) and

the second largest group is to be businessmen (30%). Girls also like to pursue these

two professions, with a percentage of 15% and 25% respectively choosing these two

jobs. 15% of boys want to become lawyers while 10% of girls prefer this profession.

It can be easily proved that teaching is preferred by females as it provides

a more steady life. Women’s patience also fits the job well. Boys consider working

as managers, businessmen and lawyers more demanding and exciting. It is true that

more boys want to show their talents in these fields. One thing noteworthy is that

the number of girls who want to do business is not small. This shows that girls want

to take challenging and exciting jobs, too.

Nevertheless, no matter what job you choose, it could be a challenge. As for

me, I like science and technology.

With the economic growth and social progress, professionals of science and

technology will become more and more important. Therefore I will choose doing

scientific research as my career.


Directions: Write a composition entitled On Disasters. You should write at least

120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese:

1. 人的一生中,可能会遇到一些灾难事件,给我们的生活带来意外 的打击。

2. 面对灾难,我们应该坚强,不要过于沉湎于悲痛,要积极面对人生。

3. 我的看法。

参考范文:On Disasters

An old saying goes: Life is full of roses and thorns. As we all know, one’s

life is full of unexpected events, some of which are wonderful and some of which

are disastrous. Those heavy blows, such as, floods, snowstorms, and earthquakes,

threaten to weigh one down.

However、it’s even worse if one can’t drag himself out of the grief in that

mental break-down is more serious than the disaster itself. Instead of indulging

oneself in sadness, one should take positive attitude towards life and contribute

to the reconstruction of his or her life and hometown.

As for me, if I am lucky enough to survive in a disaster, I will try my best

to help those who are suffering by donation blood or money. If I am a victim, I will

endeavor to recover from the sadness as soon as possible and be certain to be strong

and supportive to the recovery work.



Group Purchasing

1. 现在团购很流行

2. 团购有很多好处,但也有不少问题

3. 我的建议


Group Purchasing

In recent years, a new type of online shopping is rapidly gaining popularity

— group purchasing, which was originally introduced from foreign countries but is

now widely accepted all over China. People can buy not only goods, but also all kinds

of services on group purchasing sites.

Group purchasing is very convenient, and saves people a lot of money. But it

also has some problems. Since group purchasing is nothing more than another form

of online shopping, the nature of it is no different from other online shopping

patterns. Problems that exist in online shopping also can be found in group

purchasing, like deceptive advertisements or poor after-sale services.

In my opinion, we should treat group purchasing as a way of shopping and nothing

more. We must be careful not to buy something we don’t need only to follow the fashion.





2、亚健康的具体表现及在我国的蔓延程度(据调查,北京 75%、上海 72%、广州 70%的




How to Deal with Sub-health

With the modernization of the world, people’s standard of living has improved

a lot. Then there appears a state of sub-health among people which poses a new threat

to them.

There are some tpical symptoms for people who are in a state of sub-health. First

of all, those who suffer from it often have a headache or backache. Secondly, they

feel like having a rest frequently. What upsets us most is that, the situation

spreading countrywide. As a result, more and more workers in big cities are harassed

by it, with a percentage of 75 in Beijing, 72 in Shanghai and 70 in Guangzhou


Then how can we sovle this problem effectibely? Experts suggest that the best

way to keep ourselves thealthy is to do exercises. It is also very important that

people should form a good living habit, for example, getting up early and going to

sleep early. Only doing so can we keep us healthy.


Moral Building on Campus

1. 校园道德建设十分重要

2. 因此,学校可以……

3. 我们自己应当……



Moral Building on Campus

Recently, if you search the internet or other media, you would see reports on

demoralization now and then. Universities are no exception. These demoralization

shows in the following aspects: theft, lack of credibility, cheating in examinations,

plagiarism in papers, improper interaction with the opposite sex etc. In sum, moral

building on campus is of critical importance in students’ all-round development.

On one hand, this requires the universities to attach great importance to natural

environment planning and building. A good campus environment plays an active role

in cultivating students’ ideology and moral education. On the other hand, the staff

in the university should find the best in both Chinese and Western culture to educate

the students. Students can learn important lessons from Western cultures, adding

to our profound morality.

We, as students in the university, should be aware of the importance of moral

building. We should do something to support the moral building work, starting from

little things around us. Students Union should organize some activities for students

to take part in, highlighting the importance of moral building.









Some 20-somethings ,supposed to dedicate themselves to studies, are in hot

pursuit of fashion. The craze to vie with each other is prevalent in colleges and

universities. Undoubtedly, they have every reason to reverse the trend.

Students should concentrate themselves exclusively on studies, which should be

on the top of their agenda. Holding the right concept of value makes sense. To earn

an impressive academic performance, we college students must pour determined efforts

into study and pay no attention to vogue .

Keeping up with the Jones results in the unavoidable distraction from studies.

And college students are vulnerable to business promotional campaign. They are

heavily targeted by ads. We should compete with our peers for better scholarly

achievement instead of more expensive items.






My View on Job-Hopping


Job-hopping, or frequent change of jobs, is becoming increasingly common in

China today. As the economy grows, more opportunities for employment are appearing

than before. The result is that people, especially young people, are tempted to

change jobs frequently, seeking higher salaries or more interesting positions.

Nevertheless, many people prefer to stay in their old jobs. This is partly

because they feel loyal to their work units, and partly because they dislike the

idea of having to spend much time training for a new job. In addition, although a

new job may offer higher pay or more opportunities for promotion, it may be located

far from home and be inconvenient to reach.

I think it is a good thing for the workforce to be flexible, so that new demands

for personnel can be satisfied quickly. However, if a person changes jobs too often,

he or she will cause losses to the employing units. Moreover, frequent job-hopping

prevents a person from gaining valuable job experience and developing good work




Self employment


Self employment could bring many advantages. One of the advantages of being

self-employed is that the profit the business makes belongs to the owner. If the

self-employed person succeeds in business, he has the chance to earn a great deal

of money. The profit earned is the reward for the owner’s effort, ability and

creativity. Thus, a second advantage is that a person’s intelligence and abilities

have a direct effect on the earnings. A third advantage of being self-employed is

that a person can control his working hours. While not all self-employed people are

completely free, most of them have more control over this area than the salaried


However, being self-employed is not without problems. First, being one’s own

boss places the responsibility directly on that individual shoulders. Everyone has

some weaknesses in a certain aspects. These weaknesses will affect how successful

a self-employed person is. Second, though the self-employed can earn considerable

profits with a successful business, losses can force them out of business and

sometimes, place them in debt. A third disadvantage concerns income security.

Self-employed people have no guaranteed wage. Their earnings can vary greatly,

depending on business conditions. Salaried people, however, can generally count on

continued earnings.

In addition, salaried people often enjoy fringe benefits that mean greater peace

of mind. One of these benefits may be insurance paid for by the employer that

continues the employee’s salary in the event of sickness or accident while many

self-employed people do not have such protection.





作文题目:Blind Date

For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic

“Blind Date”. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below

in Chinese:



Enjoying popularity across the whole society, blind date is becoming more common

and acceptable in China today which appeals to countless people. However, for it,

people’s views differ.

According to a recent survey, young people are found quite positive about blind

dates. They believe that blind date can help them experience more, make new friends,


Even though most blind dates will not develop into romantic relationship that

people search for, it still is an effective way for us to meet more people. However,

some people think differently. They argue that people who go for blind date may value

materials more than the personality. For instance, a girl may like to date a wealthy

guy rather than a poor one.

To sum up, despite the above negative views on blind date, I still think it is

a good way for the youngsters to socialize.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay onthe

following question. You should write at least 120 words but nomore than 180

words.Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improvedthe way

people live?


Food Preparation Methods Improve Our Lives

The twentieth century has brought with it many advances. With thoseadvances,

human lives have changed dramatically. In some ways life is worse,but mostly it is

better. Changes in food preparation methods, for example, haveimproved our lives


The convenience of preparing food today is amazing. Even stoves havegotten too

slow for us. Microwave cooking is much easier. We can press a fewbuttons and a meal

is completely cooked in just a short time. People used tospend hours preparing

an oven-cooked meal, and now they can use that time forother better things~ Plus,

there are all kinds of portable, prepackaged foods wecan buy. Heat them in the

microwave in the office, and lunch at work is quickand easy.

Our life pace is fast, but people still like good food. New food

preparationtechnology has given us more choices. Today, we can prepare food that

is moreconvenient and of greater variety than ever before.


Directions:Reform of English Education


2. 产生这一现象的原因

3. 你认为应如何改革英语教育


Reform of English Education

As college English education is greatly emphasized with the rapid development

of global commuiiicaticm,tbe defects that exist in the current educational system

are open to more criticism- It is widely acknowledged that a thorough reform of

college English education should be under way.

People ask for English education reform mainly because of the Inadequacy of

college English education under the current system. On the one hand, many coilege

English teachers underestimate the role interest plays in English learning and keep

preaching in class. On the other h^nd, under the current system, most Chinese

students tend to separate vocabulary memorizing, grammar, Hsteniiig, speaking,

reading, and writing ftom each other and therefore their English is also “broken”

in this way. This has also greatly contributed to the “dumb English” of many Chinese


In my view, to reform English education, colleges and universities should

encourage students to speak English in class and hold more activities to promote

students’ oral English. Teachers should focus on attracting students with vivid

teaching and arouse students* enthusiasm in learning English. With the collaboration,

the reform of college BngHsh education will surely yield pleatifu] fitiits.


Conducting Moral Education in Colleges

1. 许多大学开展道德教育

2. 开展道德教育的意义

3. 如何在大学开展道德教育


In the current world, college students become morally more tolerant to the

phenomena such as exam—cheating, academic dishonesty and default on loans. In this

case, it’ s urgently important that we conduct moral education in college.

Moral education is beneficial in the following aspects. To begin with, it makes

us aware of our personal responsibility. We must comply with social moral standards

and learn to behave and conduct ourselves in society. Secondly, moral education

teaches us to shun evil and do good, turning the uncivilized to the civilized. Thirdly,

with higher moral standards, we will be more considerate towards others and avoid

quarrels or conflicts, which contributes to maintaining a harmonious society.

As for how to conduct moral education in college, on one hand, theoretical moral

education should be integrated into all aspects of campus life, including classroom

teaching and extracurricular activities. On the other hand, we should encourage

students to take part in moral practices such as volunteer activities. Through these

measures, they will know better about the meaning of life and shoulder their social




How to Enhance Etiquette Education?

1. 礼仪教育很重要

2. 现在许多大学生都不懂礼仪

3. 为加强礼仪教育,家长和学校应该……


How to Enhance Etiquette Education?

Etiquette education, which plays an important role in moral education, has

caught more and more people’s attention. Because it is an integral part of

quality-oriented education and contributes to the construction of a harmonious


However, due to the lack of etiquette education in schools and families as well

as the bad influence of the social environment, many college students have little

knowledge of etiquette, thus it is quite common to see their bad behaviors. For

example, they have no respect for their professors and the old, they talk to each

other loudly in the library and don’t care about what they should wear in public


Regarding the seriousness of this phenomenon, I think we should take the

following measures to arouse university students’ etiquette awareness. First,

parents should set a good example for their children at home. Second, colleges should

pay attention to students’ etiquette education and open some courses relating to

etiquette, and they ought to try their best to create a good campus environment at

the same time.

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